How To Setup WordPress Hosting with HostGator

Going the route of a self-hosted blog is the best way for drawing the most attention to your website. Visitors would rather see your blog on a custom domain and it gives you a lot more control over the design and configuration. For anyone who already has a blog, you might find it easier […]

How To Setup WordPress Hosting with Web Hosting Hub

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform because it’s free, highly-supported, and really easy for beginners. Most web hosts support WordPress as a default installation package. One such host is Web Hosting Hub that has a super-simple installation process for creating a brand new WordPress site. One great thing about Web Hosting Hub is that […]

How To Setup WordPress Hosting with Bluehost

When creating a new blog the setup process can be the most arduous stage. Thankfully WordPress is a great choice for bloggers because it offers an easy setup process with lots of features. The biggest decision is choosing a reliable web hosting provider. This guide will cover the WordPress setup process using Bluehost. Whether you’re […]

How To Move your Blog from to Self-Hosted

The platform is a great introduction to WordPress. Bloggers can learn about the WordPress system without the need to install their own website. But at some point many bloggers want to move up to that next level. sites are limited in features, they use forced subdomains, and they’re generally not the best choice […]

How To Create an Image Gallery/Slideshow in WordPress Posts

Photos are of major significance to every type of blog. All post content is improved with the addition of some related imagery. WordPress makes it easy to add images directly into posts – but what about image galleries & slideshows? Actually WordPress comes with default functionality to generate custom image galleries. This can be a […]

How To Network with Other Bloggers

Blogging can be lonely when you’re just sitting by yourself writing. The solitary writer is a very common stereotype found in literature and storytelling – and for good reason! Getting work done often requires a bit of solitude. But every blogger can benefit from amicable relations with passionate writers and other experienced bloggers. Networking is […]

Driving Social Media Traffic to your Blog

There’s no denying that social media has gained a tremendous influence over modern culture. It seems like almost everyone has their own Facebook or Twitter profile. As social networking has gone mainstream these communities are fantastic marketing tools for new websites. This guide is dedicated to bloggers who want to create a prominent social media […]

How To Write Headlines that Capture Attention

Writing is a skill that can be learned, but it takes practice and dedication. Blogging is nothing more than writing on the Internet. More specifically the term “blogging” may be considered freestyle journalism. Blogs can be more lenient regarding grammar and syntax but posts often follow a similar content structure. When coming up with new […]

Scheduling Blog Posts: What Time of Day & How Often

Organizing a sustainable publishing schedule is no easy matter. Most larger blogs have teams of writers that are managed and scheduled by editors. But when first launching your own blog there’s probably not going to be any team of people. Being your own editor can get stressful at times – but it’s also a blessing […]

Create an Email Signup for your Blog

Email subscribers can be of tremendous value to a blog. You can send out monthly newsletters, site updates, or notifications of new posts. Most people check their emails daily or weekly and try to go through all existing messages at once. People who subscribe to your blog are willing to get email notifications sent right […]