60 Tips to Keep Your Blog Current

Blogs are meant to be updated frequently. Blog posts are indexed similarly to regular webpages but they’re consumed more like magazine articles. So creating the impression that your blog is current and up-to-date is of tremendous benefit. This impression can be compared to a building which is clean and bustling with foot traffic vs an […]

Must-Have Plugins for WordPress Blogs

Every modern blogging platform can be extended with plugins. These are separate scripts that tie into the main website and update or improve functionality. Although there are many options to choose from, WordPress is by far the most popular and easiest to learn. When setting up a new WordPress blog, great plugins will provide essential […]

How To Monetize a Blog

Running & maintaining a website requires consistent effort. But more importantly it also requires money to keep the site hosted and running 24/7. This may not be a problem with free blog platforms, but there’s no doubt that every self-hosted blogger would like to earn a little bit of money. Wouldn’t it be nice to […]

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to WordPress

So you’re new to WordPress and need a detailed look at how it all works? Well you’ve stumbled onto the perfect article. Once logged into the WordPress dashboard there’s a whole bunch of menus and boxes and lots of shiny things to edit. The WordPress setup process is rather straightforward, but doesn’t offer much in […]